Who Is Entitled To An NHS Eye Examination?

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The National Health Service will allow you to have an eye examination FREE every second year or yearly depending upon the medical reason or the age of a patient. The categories are:-

- if you are under 16

- If you are in full-time education and under 19 years of age

- if you are over 60

- if you are in receipt of Income Support, Income-based Job Seekers Allowance, Pension Guarantee Tax Credit or a holder of a valid NHS Tax Credit Exception Certificate.

- if you hold a valid HC2 certificate

- those who require certain complex lenses

- those who suffer from glaucoma or diabetes

- or if you are considered to be at risk of glaucoma by an ophthalmologist at a hospital

- anyone who is over 40 years old and who is a parent, brother, sister or a child of a person who has or had glaucoma

- if you are registered blind or partially sighted with a Local Authority.

A voucher can be raised towards the cost of spectacles or contact lenses only if you receive one of the benefits above, but not if you suffer from one of the medical conditions above.

We have a selection of frames for children and adults which are FREE with the NHS Spectacle Voucher, or you can put your voucher towards a better, stronger pair of frames or even contact lenses.

These categories only apply. If you feel you should qualify then a HC1 form can be obtained from ourselves or from the post office and sent to Newcastle for assessment. A penalty fine is now imposed by the health authorities if a false claim is received. Ask at reception if you require any further information.