Private Eye Examination

Our fully qualified GOC registered optometrists perform thorough eye examinations throughout the week with our contact lens practitioner running a clinic every Monday and occasional Saturdays. Our optometrists will listen to your requirements and discuss with you any difficulties that you may be having.

An eye examination is not just about seeing how far a person can read down a letter chart, there are numerous tests and checks that a qualified optometrist will carry out before they reach their final result. The early detection of eye conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts are all vital in eye health. Blood pressure, diabetes and vascular disease are just a few conditions which an optician can detect from a routine examination.

Regular eye checks for every family members are necessary every one to two years whether a spectacle correction is required or not.

Digital photography is a modern way of detecting eye conditions and is also a way of monitoring existing ones. Our latest digital equipment can take a photograph of the back of your eye giving a more detailed view of the retina than would be allowed in a normal eye examination. These pictures can be viewed by the optometrist and patient and are kept on file for future visits.