Your Spectacle Lenses

Thinness & weight:

Thinner & lighter lenses not only improve appearance and comfort but will improve quality of vision – most of these lenses reduce distortions and magnification of the lenses.

Reflection free:

Reducing glare from lights and office environments allow your eyes to be seen and let you see clearer, especially effective when driving at night. An anti-reflection coating would let 99.2% of light pass through compared to only 92% without.

Scratch resistance:

A good hard coating can make a lens 6 times more scratch resistant than an uncoated lens, but please note that nothing is scratch proof.

Light sensitive:

Predominately called photochromic lenses, gives 100% UV protection and will change from light to dark when outside, and will lighten up when returning indoors – but please note there is less performance for driving!


Giving vision for distance, intermediate and reading but without the bifocal line.


Endless shapes and sizes to aid correcting distance and near work, with a dividing line.


Excellent sun protection – eliminating glare from wet roads, water and snowy environments, also reduces glare from windscreens and other shiny surfaces.

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